Nepal: Kathmandu Part 2

So, continuing the last post, after Pashupatinath Stupa we also saw Swayambhunath temple, which I think was the most beautiful one. It’s located at the top of a hill and you can see the whole view of the Kathmandu Valley. It is also known as Monkey Temple, there are millions of monkeys everywhere.

swayambhunath, nepal, kathmandu, kathmandu valley


There are colourful flags hanging everywhere in Nepal, especially in the Monkey temple. We asked what they meant and apparently they all have bad thoughts and nightmares written by locals so that Hindu gods can take them away. The white means milk, the red fire, the yellow is flowers, the green is nature and the blue represents the sky.

swayambhunath, nepal, kathmandu, kathmandu valley

We also went to Patan, another sacred city of the valley that has a very famous Durbar Square. There you can find the most incredible hindu temples and palaces. There we had our first Nepali meal, some fried noodles, curries and momos (dumplings). The food is okay but very spicey, hard to get used to.

About Kathmandu itself, it’s an extremely chaotic city. The traffic it’s completely crazy, I don’t think there are any treffic rules at all. Motorbikes and cars just try to squeeze in every little space they can find on the street, it seems like we’re going to crash at every second and the drivers don’t seem worried at all, “oh it’s just a dog”, or even worse “it’s just a kid”. In the beginning we were very scared but now we just got used to it, I guess they know what they’re doing and nothing bad ever happens so it’s okay. The city is very VERY poor, there’s no concrete in the streets, most buildings look like they’ll fall down  soon and people are constantly begging for money. The pollution is very aggressive, there is dust everywhere and weird smells that I prefer not to think of. The way streets are set has no logic whatsoever,it’s very easy to get lost in 10 seconds. Plus, it’s almost impossible to find a restaurant or bar, there are too many ads and posters everywhere.

swayambhunath, nepal, kathmandu, kathmandu valley

Kathmandu Street

The city is a big mess, very hectic and dirty, but it’s fascinating at the same time. The temples are amazing, everything is very colourful and people are very nice. And, at the same time the mess can be also funny, the chaos on the streets and the cows walking on the side walks, the colours and the constant sound of car horns, the markets and bars make it a unique place.

At night we went to Reggae Bar, which apparently is very famous around here. There was a Nepali band playing famous songs, and the food was okay, we has more momos. Some people from the hotel joined us and we had e few drinks, we met an old kiwi guy who’s an alquimist with strange ideas about the world and a young guy from Australia. They were both very nice!

The next thing to do is going to the city above the clouds and watch the sunrise!!