Planning the Trip to Nepal and India

Today we’re catching the flight to Kathmandu. We have 5 weeks to do whatever we want there. In the last couple of days we tried to make a draft of the things we want to see just to have an idea of the time needed. Here’s what we came up with:

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Plan for Nepal and India

So we will start with a week of WWOOFing, which means will be working voluntarily at a farm in exchange for a place to stay. This will be great to meat some locals and really understand how the Nepalese people live their lives. The farm is close to KTM and we will have a bus to get around in our free time. Hopefully we’ll have time to go around and visit.

Then we have a flight to Delhi because we want to visit Rajasthan in more or less 15 days. I’m not sure if we will be able to do it in such a short time, but I guess we will only know when we’re there. Still in India, we will try to go to Dalai Lama’s town for 3 days and then back to Nepal.

In Nepal we want to do the 5-day trekking in Pokhara to go to Anapurna and the safari in Chitwan National Park to ride an elephant. Finally we will go to Lumbini where the canyoning, bungee jumping and all those crazy things are!

It’s a very short time to do so many things, but if we’re not able to do all of it, it’s okay I’m sure we will be back for more!!

From now on, every time I find a place with internet I’ll try to write something about how the trip is going.
Bye 🙂