Goodbye London

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Camden Town

When I first arrived in London, in September, our house in Camden Town was still under “construction”, we had no floor in the living room, there were men painting our walls and some of the beds were completely broken and had spiders underneath. Terrible!

But, everything was easily fixed with one very long visit to IKEA. After that, our house was never the same. From then on it was the favourite place of many of our friends, and the stage for many many good parties!

Friday was my last day working at myMzone and my last day in London. I kept thinking that I had just spent one full year in London, and I had so many good memories of the city that I couldn’t leave just like that, I had to do something special. So, I went home and I told my flatmates to come with me ’cause I wanted to do a tattoo that reminded me of London. They all came, and I did it. I did it so I could have a special last day, which definitely was!

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Goodbye party

Later on we had a big party at the house, we put balloons everywhere and a big stripe with a “Bon Voyage” written all over. Everyone from work came, the house was completely full and, even with several complaints from the neighbors, we had a lot of fun.

It was hard to leave London, not really because of the city but because I had to say goodbye to everyone. That is always the hardest part but I guess, as a very good friend once told me, “if it’s hard to say goodbye then it means it was worth it”. And it definitely was. Plus, I’ll see everyone again soon 🙂

Goodby Party, london, uk, goodbye london, goodbye parties, camden town, camden lock

Goodby Party