LISBON: Optimus Alive 2012

Last weekend I went to Lisbon for the Music festival Optimus Alive. It happens every year and every year I go there, not just for the music but for the event itself, it’s always a lot of fun and I get to see all my friends.
Optimus is known for its incredible lineup, it’s impressive how it always gets some of the greatest bands of the moment to perform. This year wasn’t different. For 3 days in a row great music was played, people went crazy to the sound of great bands and everyone had the time of their lives.
On the first day the best concerts were LMFAO and the Portuguese Buraka Som Sistema. LMFAO was so much fun, they don’t sing much but they sure know how to entertain people. And Buraka are probably the best Portuguese band playing live, everyone loves them and everyone jumps like crazy with them. 
My friend Mary went on stage during Buraka Som Sistema  
On the second day, I really wanted to see The Cure but it wasn’t that special. They played for 3 hours and at some point I was bored, waiting and waiting for the best songs to be played. I just gave up and moved on to the other stage to listen to James Murphy instead. Florence was supposed to play this day but apparently she had a voice problem and Morsheeba came along as replacement. I have no comments on them, I totally missed the gig (no idea why, I must have been doing something better).
The 3rd day was no doubt the best one. No matter how tired and hangovered everyone was after the last 2 days of festival, the fact is that it was the most insane day. While everyone was at the main stage watching Radiohead, I was in the second one listening to SBRTKT. The concert was sooo sick, the second best of the whole festival for me.
The main stage had its highest moments during The Kooks, Mumford & Sons, The Cure and Radiohead. Especially Radiohead. Thousands of people were there just to watch them and I guess they made everyone happy, judging by the crazy crowds singing and dancing the whole time they were playing.
Metronomy played at the very end of the festival, and it couldn’t have been a better closing. It was for sure the best concert of the 3 days. They played at 3am and despite how late it was, people were as energetic as ever. The concert was amazing, Metronomy led everyone to complete madness; and the public went crazy to the sound of “Hearbreaker” and “the look”.
Even though the festival was an abuse of alcohol and extreme lack of sleep, I can’t remember how long since I had this much fun. This year, almost 15000 tickets were sold to tourists, and I’m sure the number will keep on growing. 
Loads of fun, awesome music and cheap drinks, what else can you ask for?!